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  Espresso Cafe - The only Internet Cafe/Kiosk software written in Java.   

Espresso Café server and client is an application for use in an Internet café, library or anywhere you need to regulate peoples time on your computers, in a pre-paid environment.  This software is ideal for Internet access terminals that are not directly monitored, like in a cafe where your main business is selling coffee!


Why is Espresso Café so cheap? We have priced this software according to the amount of work you will need to do. Due to the way java has been built there is little we can do to the client to make it work in a kiosk/cafe environment securely. You have to make sure the terminal is secure so that the client cannot disabled or terminated. We have provided registry files and tools and info to make a Windows and Linux operating system safe.


Why not use linux to reduce the initial cost of setup. No operating system cost. Low price for unlimited clients, 1 year of free email support and software upgrades, or free if you only have 1 or 2 terminals. Try beating that anywhere else!


Espresso Café generates tokens (passwords) at the server, and can be printed off in sheets, or printed individualy as time is sold. You also have the choice to export the token file into a word processor of your choice.  These cards can then be sold over the counter, or out of a vending machine. 


Your customer enters the token into the Espresso Café client terminal and gains the specified amount of time at the computer.  Most commonly used for Internet access, but can be tailored to any need.



Client Features:

  • Java Based: Will run on any computer.
  • Hides window from Operating System.
  • Launch upto 4 different applications.
  • Free option on all applications.
  • Combine time from another token.
  • Automatic reconnection to server.
  • Remember token information if connection lost.
  • Display advertising banner (includes gif animation's).
  • Windows supported.
  • Mac OS X supported.
  • Linux supported.

Server Features:

  • Java Based: Will run on any Java Virtual Machine.
  • Low administrative costs.
  • Pre-paid token based operation.
  • Print tokens from server.
  • Generate tokens that can be exported to Excel to generate time cards.
  • Generate multiple tokens at one time.
  • Definable token size.
  • Set expire date on each token.
  • Edit token properties.
  • View live user/token information.
  • Automatically purge old cards.
  • Automatically purge used tokens.





Download the free trial version here. (limited to 2 clients, low priority email support)

Purchase the full version for only US$40.00 (unlimited clients, 1 year high priority support & upgrades)

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