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Click-MultiTrader enables you to trade multiple brokers at the same time, potentially multiplying your profits by 4!

It eliminates some of the human delay in executing multiple trades across different broker platforms. Just load the coordinates into Click-MultiTrader and use it to execute your trades for you.

Its simple to use and will fire as fast as your computer can handle. Simply select your buy and sell coordinates and watch your mouse fly when you hit BUY or SELL.




  • Trade up to 4 brokers
  • Trade up to 4 pairs or stocks
  • Visually displays coordinate status
  • Check target locations by double clicking red square
  • Return mouse to original position after fire option
  • Variable delay between clicks
  • Hide target information
  • Automatic and free minor updates




Targets loaded in click-1


Minimised target information


How to use:

Simply, enable the required number of clicks, by ticking the Click Enable box.

Load the Co-ordinates by clicking the "target button" corresponding to your BUY or SELL.

You will notice the status box changing from green to orange, and a text box will become usable. The cursor will also be blinking inside the text box

Now hover the mouse over the desired target (The BUY and SELL button on your actual broker platform) and hit any key.

You will notice the status box change to red. This indicates the mouse location coordinates are loaded into that Buy/Sell position.

Repeat this step for the remanding clicks/brokers if required.

You are now loaded and ready to trade. When you hit the BUY or SELL button in Click-MultiTrader, the mouse will move to the programmed location, fire a click, move to the next location and so on.

For best results have all of your platforms set to 1-click trading.


Once all targets are loaded you can tick the "Hide Below" box to hide all of the location programming and free up valuable screen space.


Forgotten where your targets are?

Not a problem. Just expand the targeting area and double click on the red square target indicator. The mouse will instantly jump to where your target was programmed (without clicking!).

MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT MOVE WINDOWS AROUND ONCE YOUR TARGETS ARE SET. You will find your mouse zooming over to no mans land and clicking. This could be bad if you have slightly altered a trade ticket/window and perform a trade in the oppose direction!


Configuration (Cfg)

Here you can adjust the delay between clicks. You may need to increase this number (in milliseconds) if your computer is having trouble with registering clicks.

Enable "Return Mouse to original position" if you would like the mouse cursor returned back to the BUY or SELL button where you initiated the scripts. This is extremely useful to keep enabled as it will eliminate a few seconds of searching for the cursor. When you are in 4 trades across 4 brokers finding your mouse is the last thing you will be wanting to do!


How to register:

Simply click the Cfg button and enter the Registration key emailed to you into the text box.

Click Save, and restart the MouseClicker application. All 4 clicks will be enabled.




Download the full/demo version here. (limited to 1 BUY/SELL click)

Purchase the full version for only US$7.95 - You will be emailed a registration key to unlock Click-MultiTrader.

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